Choosing Your ISO Consultant

How should you go about selecting an ISO consultant to facilitate your registration?  Here are some useful guidelines:

  1. Choose a consultant with a proven track record who can provide you with customer references.
  2. Satisfy yourself that a consulting firm has the background, expertise and resources to meet your unique needs.
  3. Make sure the consultant’s approach and style mesh well with your organization’s culture.  Remember, you are choosing a long-term business partner.
  4. Does the consultant have knowledgeable resources for internal training with measurable results that fall to the bottom line?
  5. Select a consulting firm that provides onsite implementation assistance and training in order to minimize operational disruptions.
  6. Can the consultant assist you in acquiring public funding to offset your investment in ISO registration?
  7. Choose a consultant who presents a realistic timeline and fully explains the responsibilities of your organization during the certification process.
  8. Confirm that the consultant has established registrar relationships and will work closely with your organization to ensure a successful registration audit.
  9. Does your consulting company have the resources to help you market your ISO certification for increased sales?

Choosing the right ISO consultant as your quality business partner can mean the difference between success and failure. It pays to go with seasoned experience backed by a solid track record.  A consultant who thoroughly understands the industry, has comprehensive knowledge of registration requirements, and enjoys professional relationships with registrars can help you avoid costly pitfalls and circumvent obstacles on your road to ISO certification.  Remember, there is no substitute for expertise and experience when it comes to investing in your organization’s future!